Address Capture, Verification and Geocoding

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Enter any Address (in the form 9 Alice Street Hove SA)
Works with most countries.... try some of these
If you wanted Houndsgate Court Onkaparinga Hills with only 8 keystrokes eg HOU,ONKA use BroMit's "BMap" or "Fast Data Entry" (S.Aust only)
Google Map samples:-
(1) Map of Properties for sale in S.A.
(2) Map of a Postcode 5066
(3) Map of Medians 5042
(4) Map of Ed Harry Stores
(5) Map of Catholic Schools
(6) Map of most Pubs within S.A.
(7) Map of High Care Accomodation.
(8) Post Code and Map Website
Features Postcoders for the UK , Oz and NZ
Case Study
Advertiser 28-7-07 openinspections
Once Geocoded it creates:-
(1) Properties Just listed
(2) Modified Prices
Mashup Samples
(1) Crime Mapping
(2) Wedding Day Mapping
(3) Map Builder
(4) Relief Mapping
(5) Google Map Blogs
(6) Google Map Australian Post Code Boundaries Aust mapping
Australia Wide Address Helpers
Snap Maps
A desktop Street Helper for S.A.
(TerraBar.exe demo)
Property Resources
Maps & ways to get a Geocode
  Paper Maps-via SA Mapshop
  SA Atlas
  SA Place Names/Gazetter
  Australian Place Names links
  Property Location Browser
  PLB Enhanced prototype

VG's SA Median House Values
Property Assist

Govt Central Web Index
Council Boundary Maps: Council Names & Web Sites Council Development Plans
Council Declared Rates

White Pages World Time
Map of uk phone address
Urban Dict Defn of Bromit
Street Update Process
Coffin Bay
Ruin Arches House
Looe UK Harbor
Canal Boats in Wales
 BroMit's Utilities
BMap "Streets Ahead" Address Assist Lookup and map.
Fast Data Entry Try'll be impressed!
4sale Fast access to's property for sale maps
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Email =
================ Geocoders ======================
Online Batch Geocoder Batch Geocode up to 100 addresses - a utility is supplied to nominate an Address file on your Hard Drive, and then it feeds the addresses one at a time into the Internet Geocoder.
Lite Online Batch Geocoder
Grab Lat and Lon Grabs the lat/Lon from a google map and adds to a Log for later use.
================ UK towns ======================
UKTowns Very fast "part Town Name" Lookup giving a multitude of mapping options.
Key Hole UK UK Address using Keyhole Satellite image?
CBoatDataEntry sample data entry for UK.
================ miscellaneous ==================
Online Map Report Accepts multiple Addresses, Lats and Lons from the ClipBoard and reports them on a map.
Online Map Test Data BMapReport Addresses must be in this format.
OzAddress Very fast "part Street Name" Lookup.
OzMap Very fast "part Street Name" Lookup giving a google map.
Accuracy Levels of Google geocoder.
Rural Address Capturing an Oz Rural Address?
Click Circle Click a map as centre, then click at a point on your Circumference and a Circle will appear.
Click Route Click a map for a start point, then click at the next point and a distance and accumulated Distance are calculated
Create a Polygon and get Area Click a map for a start point, then click points to define a polygon, then select "Calc Area"
Data Entry Methods All the ways you can achieve very fast Data Entry with routines built by BroMit.
Nearest Street to a Click A brilliant solution looking for a problem.
Add Me To The Map Internet Data Validation and Entry
================ personalised ==================
Mark's Fast access to's property for sale maps
Susan's Fast access to's property for sale maps